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Update: TRIUMPH Documentary

For those that know me and the background of my journey- then you know how much this new trailer means to me.

For those that don’t know- here’s the gist. Last summer, I took on 21 consecutive days of half irons along the eastern seaboard. Each half was done in a different city each day. Started in Maine and ended in Florida.

On the final day, our camera guy, takes our camera home (which wasn’t his and he wasn’t supposed to do) ends up selling the camera for $4,500 cash, pockets the money and then tells me he isn’t going to finish the project like he agreed.

So I was left at a loss, both monetarily and emotionally- and left with a task to finish the film on my own.

I was angered, heartbroken and angered again. Selfishly of course since my family and I spent two years planning this and sold everything we had just to be able to front the logistical expense to give it a go- but beyond that, for all the people that joined me, shared their story for the film etc. -it just hurt.

But then I realized I needed to focus on what I can do versus what had happened.

The project film remained dormant for a better part of a year, until my path crossed with Patrick who had taken it upon himself to find me a new resource to help complete the project film....

New life has been breathed into THE TRIUMPH PROJECT documentary thanks to Patrick and his introduction to Hunter.

This new trailer replaces my old, and is a huge step into what I hope is an impactful story from myself as well as so many of those who joined me.

Please take a look at this new trailer, share if you like, and even give some props to badass Hunter Heath for bringing the footage into such a great piece.

Lastly, thank you to all of you who supported me with your presence, kind words, texts, high fives and positivity since beginning this whole thing- it means more than you know.

Keep rocking my brothas and sistas and as always, crush it with a smile!

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