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Caution: longest race report ever......but the only body part I have this morning that still moves is my thumbs...

Augusta was a great course. Great athlete and great spectators. The town was super welcoming. The hotels all suck.

THE SWIM: point to point in the river... super simple swim with 5 minute waves instead of 4 makes for a not TOOO crowded effort. Even amongst the mid-life crisis aggressive alpha males of the 40-44 AG. Song stuck in my head "all I do is win". Came out of the water like I owned the place. Fairly long run to T1 and it's a BIG transition grass area so my time wasn't my usual speedy effort but whatevs, I was still feeling the flow from my sweet swim. Song stuck in my head "I'm walking on sunshine".

Hit the BIKE. Holy hills batman. I was CRUSHING the bike (for me anyways) and then some where in the in the first third of the race the road conditions were TERRIBLE.

The whole bike and thus the rider was shaking like crazy. Song stuck in my head "hey yaaaa".

Then I heard a snap and I swerved and almost went down. WTH!!!!

I pulled over to see what happened and to calm myself from the panic....the elbow rest on my left aero bar sheared in two. Song stuck in my head "mommas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" Soooo I had a choice... call it a day or give it a go. I seriously considered ending the day there. I don't think anyone would've faulted me.

These bikes are designed to be ridden in a specific way and I couldn't do it. But... i knew y'all were tracking me... just playing. I knew I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I didn't at least TRY. So I hopped back on and had a REALLY uncomfortable 2/3 of the bike. The course was gorgeous but I wasn't really appreciating it because everything hurt because of the position. Nasty headwind and no aero.super fun down hills and no aero. Song stuck in my head: don't know what you got till its gone"

Back to T2 and I took a bit of extra time to prepare myself for a hot run on jacked legs, back, neck, etc... song stuck in my head "here I go again on my own" the run.... I really wish I wasn't so whacked out because it really was a nice run. BLAZING HOT but lots of shady areas. The ABSOUTE best aid stations I've ever encountered. It just wouldn't end.... Miles 1-3 song stuck in my head "you can get with this or you can get with that" Miles 4-10 song stuck in my head "hate me" everybody looked like hammered crap. I've never been in a race where everyone looked so bad! Even the jerk relay people. I call them jerks because I was jealous lol. I caught up to a dude coincidentally from Houston who was doing the walking dead routine and we got to chatting and I was like hey man, let's just finish this thing together. So we started pointomg out landmarks "let's run to to this. Ok let's walk and cry and then run again.... I was in incredible pain. Miles 10-13.1 song stuck in my head "I'm gonna knock you out" not the day I was hoping for but man, what a great race. The people on and off the course were awesome.

If you get the chance I highly recommend giving this one a go. Train for heat AND hills....they were no joke, but I had a blast despite the physical pain. Huge mental win. You never know what the course is gonna throw at you but it's how you respond is what defines you, NOT your finishing time. As always my amazing bride was there encouraging and telling me at the whole time and playing paparazzi for me and my buddies. Heather Thomas Danek rules.

-Robert Danek


#weeklyrockstar #raceday #mentalwin

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