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Introducing TRIUMPH Sherpa_ LOUIE Cicchino

Louie is a triathlete and triathlon coach based in Denver, CO. By putting his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science towards his passion for endurance, he feels like he has found his life's purpose in helping others improve their performance. Louie is a Level I Certified Coach from USA Triathlon, and a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has experience training a variety of clients, ranging from athletes working towards improving their performance, to those in a rehabilitation setting.

Athletically, Louie is a top ranked amateur triathlete and is currently a member of TeamUSA representing at ITU Off-Road Triathlons. Growing up, Louie was involved in a multitude of sports including lacrosse, snowboarding and skateboarding. After high school he pursued a career as a professional snowboarder and snowboarding instructor. Leading a group of students to National Championships sparked Louie's desire and love of coaching. During this time he also understands the importance of cross training to avoid injury. Including exercises like swimming, running, and lifting into his regime helped him stay injury free and in top shape.

Following his snowboarding career, Louie moved to Denver to enroll in school and pursue a degree in Exercise Science. During this time he entered his first triathlon and fell in love with the sport as soon as he crossed first finish line. Shortly after competing in his first race, Louie began to podium numerous times in his age group, and overall. This exposure earned him recognition and he was welcomed on nationally respected team.

Since beginning the sport of triathlon, Louie has expanded his interest and now competes in and coaches both on and off road races.

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