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What is MitoXcell and Mito-Lean?

Thank you so much for supporting MitoXcell and our products. We are glad that we have the opportunity to work with Jeff Fairbanks and other hardworking, passionate athletes, like you.

Here is a little information about what is contained in your care packages… We have sent 100 pouches of Mito-Lean. Mito-Lean is a combination of the original MitoXcell Superfood Blend + 5g of pea protein (per serving).

What is MitoXcell and Mito-Lean?

The MitoXcell Superfood Blend is a powder superfood formula that combines 5 powerful ingredients: raw cacao, Echinacea, L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, trans-resveratrol. These ingredients are clinically proven to increase mitochondrial function and help build endurance. Created by UCSD mitochondrial researcher and highly regarded, Dr. Guy Perkins.

• RAW CACAO – Real, cold pressed Raw Cacao powder improves mitochondrial function and boosts cardiovascular health. • ECHINACEA – Boosts metabolism, and is high in antioxidants which help strengthen the immune system. • L-CARNITINE – Improves heart health, brain function, muscle movement, and post-workout recovery. • ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – Breaks down carbohydrates, regulates blood sugar, improves mental sharpness, fights fatigue, and reduces stress. • TRANS-RESVERATROL – Lowers bad cholesterol, and decreasing both pain and inflammation. It also reduces visible signs of aging and counteracts the negative effects of stress.

Mito-Lean combines the MitoXcell Superfood Blend and 5g of pea protein (per serving). You get the same benefits that you do in the MitoXcell Superfood Blend with a 5g protein booster. Mito-Lean is vegan/vegetarian, no soy, no dairy, no sugar, non-gmo, gluten-free, no banned substances, no preservatives, and no artificial additives.

Why Mitochondria Support?

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cells. As we get older, we produce less and the efficiency of our body function slows down (i.e. metabolism, recovery, less energy, etc.). Healthier mitochondria means higher metabolism, faster recovery, and more endurance. These are all things that will help you be a better athlete and perform at your peak ability.

Why is MitoXcell and Mito-Lean ideal for triathletes, like you?

Professional and amateur athletes, alike, need to boost their endurance and increase their energy in order to be a successful triathlete. Lets face it! Triathlons take a lot of training and conditioning in order to be at your best. MitoXcell increases EPO (Erythropoietin) levels in the blood, which delivers oxygen to the cells’ mitochondria. Professional athletes know the benefits of increased levels of EPO. Many athletes train at high-altitude facilities in order to stimulate EPO production. Mito-Lean, with its powerful superfood blend, is a natural way to increase EPO in the blood and build strength behind your respective sport. Besides, this is less expensive and more convenient than visiting a high-altitude training camp.

For more information about MitoXcell Superfood Blend, Mito-Lean, and other great products please visit our online store at

For clinical studies behind our MitoXcell products and an introduction to Dr. Perkins, visit .

Better Stronger Faster! Welcome to Team MitoXcell!

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