Our Mission

With this forum I aim to bring together a like-minded community that offers a place for everyone to share their knowledge, discuss nutrition, and training plans.  Regarded Triumph Contributing Authors will be chiming in with their professional insights and I will be contributing with blogs, virtual training sessions, podcasts, and sharing favorites from our trusted brand affiliates.


As always.. we are continually wanting to think forward and improve .. SO.. if you have any special requests, suggestions, please feel free to email me directly at info@thetriumphproject.org.  

We want to work together in this-without you it wouldn't be the same!



Why should I have an off-season? As a coach I get this question often, and every time I adapt my res...

It’s no secret that endurance athletes tend to be more obsessive than the general population and hav...

All off-road triathletes know that racing is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. When it...

Louie is a triathlete and triathlon coach based in Denver, CO. By putting his Bachelor’s degree in E...

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