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Thanks for being here.  Read a little about me and my journey through this world of Triathlon.  

Hope to see you out there.  

As always..

Focus on the Light & Crush It With A Smile.

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It has been my journey for the past 3 years to be a bridge and inspiration for the Triathlon community- to connect and illuminate the stories we all have. 

What began as a simple documentary about 'Why we TRI' evolved into a '21-day journey' consisting of 21 70.3 distances, across 21 cities, over 21 consecutive days along the east coast.  Having accomplished such a feat one would assume the mission was complete... When in fact, it is just beginning.  

I began with a passion project and found a love, an obsession, not just for this unique multi-sport but for the integration of its members, training rituals, nutrition, and tech gadgets.  

Here at Triumph we hope to continue the bridge between all that is Triathlon.  And give our teammates a place to chat, be part of an integrated knowledgable community, train, and inspire.

I hope to see and hear you all with me on this crazy journey we all take part in!

As always... We are continually wanting to think forward and improve... SO... if you have any special requests or suggestions please don't hesitate to 




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